Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by everything you have to do?


But how do you know if you just need a holiday or are heading towards burnout?


​In this FREE audio, I explain how to spot the signs of burnout. 


Hi, I'm Susan.


I know how you feel. I burned out in 1999 and lost my legal career. I recovered physically and went to university in 2005 and did a Maths degree and became a teacher in 2009. Because I had not addressed the reasons for my burnout (Type A people pleasing achievement junkie!) and because I ignored all the signs that it was happening again, I burned out in 2016 and lost that career too.


I became a coach because I am PASSIONATE about helping women avoid the career ending burnouts and the despair, regret and guilt that I felt. 


I work with professional women and female entrepreneurs who suspect that if they don't make changes, they will burn out too.


When we start working together, my clients are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything they have to do and are noticing that stress is affecting their health, their relationships and their work. They recognise that they can not keep pushing themselves.


 I show them how to spot the signs of burnout and change their relationship with stress by noticing where stress comes from. They learn how to re-energise, tap into their inner wisdom and resilience so that they can deal gracefully with everything they have to do, without burning out.

After working with one client Zoe, I asked her for 5 words to describe how she felt before we started working together and how she felt at the end of our time together.


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